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Picking the Right Business Shirts Also Boosts Your Brand Awareness

05 November 2015

Unbeknown to many business owners, their employees’ uniforms also serve as a basis for their customers’ and visitors’ first impression of their business. This is why, other than style, business owners should also consider picking...

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How Stubby Holders Make for the Perfect Corporate Gift at Big Events

30 October 2015

Stubby holders are an important aspect of Australian culture and there's no better way to impress business clients and friends than gifting custom printed stubby holders for events or special occasions. As evidence of the love for these ...

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Businesses in Sydney can Promote their Brand with Corporate Gifts

27 October 2015

The business sector is more competitive now than it has ever been with a plethora of advertising mediums to choose from. Far from the good old days of radio, tv and newspaper. It is now essential for businesses to develop more effective methods of...

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Are You Making the Most of Your Brand using Promotional Products?

21 October 2015

In a digital marketing world where everything is online or in the cloud, it’s very easy to forget the basics of good company promotion. No matter what business you are in, using packaging to promote your company logo, whether on paper, plast...

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Corporate Wear: Establishing a Clear and Easy to Follow Dress Code

14 October 2015

Businesses that seek to maintain a certain corporate image must pay attention to every aspect of their affairs, and that includes what their employees wear to work. Company uniforms, as in the case of fast-food chains, restaurants and retail store...

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How Promotional Items Can Help Magnify Your Presence at Tradeshows

08 October 2015

In a thriving business district such as Perth, business competition can be really fierce. Business owners, therefore, need to utilise every opportunity to magnify their brand presence. Tradeshows are the perfect venues for reaching out to potentia...

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Fabric Choices that Yield Comfortable Business Shirts and Workwear

05 October 2015

When it comes to designing work uniforms, there is a lot more to consider than how the garment looks. Employee comfort and designation should also be taken into account. According to WorkplaceInfo, an online resource for HR/IR managers and profess...

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Useful and Thoughtful Corporate Gift Ideas for Hardworking Employees

30 September 2015

Gift-giving season might still be far away, but it wouldn’t hurt to start coming up with useful corporate gift ideas your hardworking employees will certainly apprec...

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Using Gifts for Corporate Branding-3 Tips for Maximum Effectiveness

23 September 2015

Whether you intend to thank customers for their patronage, show appreciation to vendors and investors for productive partnerships, or recognise employees for their contributions, corporate gift giving fulfils an essential purpose: to strengthen th...

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Go Green! - Marketing with Eco-Friendly Corporate Promotional Products

16 September 2015

Going green is the in thing. As people have become more aware of the threat of global warming, millions are shifting to sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprint and help save Mother Earth. Being a widely admired act of corporate soci...

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