The Dual Effects of Corporate Uniforms

25 August 2016

You may have despised them a few years back in school, but the reality is, uniforms — and the numerous benefits that come with them — never go away even as you enter the corporate world. Take the court judge with the black robe, the doctor with the white coat and the police with blue button-downs.

Enforcing corporate uniforms may not seem much, but they definitely influence both customers and employees in a number of positive ways.

Clients and Corporate Branding

Asking employees to wear uniforms in the colours associated with your company can go a long way in projecting professionalism and enhancing brand recognition. Take Steve Jobs, for instance. The late former CEO of Apple wore the same exact corporate uniform every day — blue trousers and black turtleneck — , which has boosted his and his tech company’s brand recognition.

In the same way, corporate uniforms distinguish employees as individuals associated with a company and its products. The visual branding elements of colour, design, logos, and symbols, particularly allow consumers to make a near instant connection to the company’s corporate identity. In the retail industry, a customer can easily know who works in the place whenever they need assistance.

Employees and Company Culture, Safety

Corporate uniforms also foster improved company culture and team spirit. It helps increase productivity and workplace morale as well, as uniforms create less stress for employees to spend money on their looks and instead focus more on their work.

Researchers Kathy Nelson and John Bowen proved this in their study, The Effect of Employee Uniforms on Employee Satisfaction. They revealed that employees who enjoy wearing uniforms had higher self-perceptions in job performance, have better work attitudes and higher levels of job satisfaction.

Company culture benefits aside, having uniforms in the workplace also helps improve safety among employees. It makes all workers easily identifiable; those who do not wear a uniform stands out as a potential intruder.

To this end, corporate uniforms do not only have a positive impact on your branding — it also positively influences employees and the company as a whole.

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