The Subtle Approach: Promotion Through Brand Recognition

27 July 2016

Promotional merchandise has been a popular option for developing brand recognition during advertising campaigns for several years. Products range from coffee mugs and pens to corporate clothing. They all have the company’s logo to encourage brand recognition, develop goodwill and promote word-of-mouth marketing.

The Promotional Products Industry

Industry statistics reveal the top 10 purchasers of promotional items. The education industry spent the most on promotional products, followed by the financial, not-for-profit, health care and construction industries. The real estate industry was also on the list, along with the government, professionals, and restaurants or bars.

The Australian Promotional Products Association (APPA) says global spending for promotional products in 2011 was around AUD 19.1 billion. Australians spend around AUD 2.02 billion, showing an increase of 45 per cent during the past five years.

The Impact of Promotional Products

According to APPA, around 71 per cent of tourists who dropped by an international airport got promotional products in the past year. Among them, 33.7 per cent still carried the items and 56 per cent kept the item for at least a year. An astonishing 76.4 per cent said they still kept the item since it was useful.

Out of all the tourists who received the item, 76.1 per cent recalled the name of the company who gave the product. This is in comparison to ads seen in newspapers, where only 53.5 per cent could remember the advertiser.

In the US, Baylor University conducted a study of trade show buyers. They said customers who got promotional products were 22 per cent more likely to promote it to other customers than those who did not give them anything.

A whopping 100 per cent of advertisers said they got promising responses to their campaigns when they used promotional items. This subtle kind of promotion is not only beneficial for the customers, but also valuable for the company. 

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