Make Your Professional Team Stand Out: Branding Your Work Wear

13 July 2016

When it comes to work wear, form often follows function. There is an emphasis on safety and utilitarianism. After all, when it comes to industrial or medical workplaces, it is more important for your team to stay safe than to be stylish.

Work Wear Should be Functional

Work apparel has to be comfortable and protect workers from hazards. Safety jackets, for example, come in bright colours, often with reflective stripes to increase their visibility. This is needed in construction and factory settings where the risk of collision is high. Long sleeves and waterproof materials, on the other hand, keep your team safe from splashes and exposure to harmful or irritating substances.

However, branding your work wear is still highly profitable, and you should definitely do it.

Your Brand on Your Work Wear

Here at Astute Promotions, we want your professional team to stand out. You can do so by placing your brand on your work wear, advertising your company to the world. It is easy to put your entire team in generic overalls and leave it at that, but it would do your brand no favours.

Adding your logo to your work wear has several benefits:

  • Increase brand visibility – Your logo should be visible, and placing it on your team’s work wear is a great way to advertise it. Passersby can see your logo and associate your brand with the excellent service your team provides.
  • Increase leads – As an advertising medium, clothing can also increase leads, especially if you add the company website and contact numbers to the design. Think of it as a portable calling card: as your team go about their daily tasks, there is a high chance that a potential client will choose to visit your site or dial your number.
  • Make your employees easily recognisable – Branded work wear makes it easier for your employees to recognise each other. You can implement a colour-coding scheme for different departments or even choose to embroider their names on their uniforms.

Yes, it is true that work wear is not the most fashionable type of clothing out there, but it can still be stylish in its own way. Most importantly, it is a good opportunity for your professional team to stand out.

For more information on how to brand your work apparel, contact us today.

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