Business Shirts: A Secret Advertising Weapon

12 July 2016

Marketing your brand should not stop at putting online ads or participating trade shows. In fact, you can have a daily advertisement of your brand through the help of your employees. Provide your employees with custom-designed business shirts and they could be your brand ambassadors every day.

Walking Billboard

Before going to the office, employees walk in a lot of public places. If they are wearing shirts with a catchy design of your business logo, they subtly introduce your brand to many people.  By wearing business shirts every day, the employee also helps the company achieve brand recall.

Conversation Starter

Business shirts with a creative design can catch attention. Someone may become interested in the shirt design and ask your employee about it. The shirt could be a conversation starter between your employee and a potential customer. The conversation may lead to a business introduction, and eventually to sales.

Talent Magnet

Apart from potential customers, the business shirt could also attract talents. More often than not, those who are interested in your business logo or shirt design are the people who want to either purchase the brand or work for the brand. So, it looks like business shirts work both as an advertisement for your brand and your recruitment department.

As a boss who’s occupied with many things, you may not realise that business shirts are your secret advertising weapon. Once fitted to your employees, these clothing pieces are not just uniforms but also walking billboards that won’t ever charge you a dime.

At Astute Promotions, we value your needs to promote your brand. With our long-time experience in promotional products, we know how business shirts could work to your advantage. So if you want your employees to start dressing your brand, give us a call today

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