Marketing Discreetly and Affordably with Promotional Corporate Wear

29 February 2016

Companies spend a huge percentage of their revenues on marketing budgets. Advertising has always been an expensive affair, especially when a business is using electronic means like radio, TV and the internet. Some companies fall behind because they cannot afford to put a lot of money into advertising. However, businesses concentrate so much on new media that they sometimes forget the most effective and simplest ways to market, like promotional t-shirts.

The use of branded t-shirts to market to audiences is not new and it is very effective. For this reason, you will find many larger corporations using promotional t-shirts to promote their brands, products and services. Business shirts are a cost effective means of advertising.


marketing promotional corporate wear


Quality and Quantity

Promotional t-shirts will not cost as much as other advertising means because you only have to pay for the products and the branding. In Australia, promotional products are a big business, so be sure you find the best quality products. The cost will depend on the quality of the t-shirt’s material and the quantity to order. When it comes to quality, always insist on the best standards. Even when you want to save money, don’t settle for second-grade t-shirts. The last thing you want is a sloppy, faded or fraying shirt displaying your company logo.

Usually, a promotional products company offers discounts when sourcing items in bulk. For instance, if there is an exhibition or trade show, you can print t-shirts in large quantities and save money.

Branding Costs

Promotional t-shirts are only effective in marketing if they spark attention for your brand. A promotional products company will provide different styles of personalisation that will give t-shirts a unique look. The type of customisation you intend to get will determine how much you pay. To get it right, go for simple and classy - a catchy tagline will help sell your business on polo shirts.

Distribution Means

When using traditional means of advertising, distribution tends to be the most expensive aspect. Think of buying airtime on a TV channel or placing banners online. However, distribution is where you get to save money when using promotional products. You can distribute corporate wear in various ways. One way is to have employees wear company branded t-shirts or hand them out if you have an exhibition.

You can also give out promotional t-shirts during trade shows. It is not only a good way to advertise but will also attract people to your booth. Another mode of distribution is to have reward programs for loyal clients where they get t-shirts as gifts. Gifting can also be during special occasions like holidays. All these are very effective ways of putting your company’s branded t-shirts out there without stretching your marketing budget.


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