Corporate Gift Ideas-Little Tricks to Gifting Employees for Motivation

02 March 2016

Corporate gifting is not just about forming relationships with current or prospective clients but with employees as well. Companies use corporate gifts to show appreciation to employees. Finding the right items to give to workers is a tough decision that most executives face.

Why Do It

If you are looking for the best gifts to give to your employees, you have first to ask why you are doing it. Understanding the purpose behind the gift will help you narrow your choices. If it's a holiday like Christmas or New Year, find gifts that suit the occasion. A gift to an employee may also be because you want to celebrate their hard work. For instance, an employee that has brought in a lot of profits for the company deserves recognition.


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Think About it

A lot of attention should go into the choice of gifts because it is an opportunity to foster relationships with employees. A business card holder, for instance, is practical but may not fully convey the message you want to pass along. It is very hard to pull off branded products when it comes to gifting employees. The secret is to know how to personalise a gift. Even if you are giving the same item to different employees, find ways to make each one different. Go for variety in colour, design and size elements.

A Few Examples

Some corporate gift ideas never get old, and can help you reinforce the right attitude in your workforce. One gift idea is gift certificates. Gift certificates for retail, grocery outlets or restaurants are received well. If there is a new restaurant that you know your employees would like to try out, treat them there with gift certificates. Another idea that people love is food and fruit hampers. However, there is a trick to getting food baskets right. Include items that an individual is not overly familiar with such as luxury chocolates, gourmet coffee or organic juice. The point is to avoid getting stuff that people can easily buy for themselves.

The Packaging and Delivery

An aspect that you must not forget when giving corporate gifts to employees is packaging. The type of packaging on a gift will say a lot. Don’t settle for the cheapest wrapping you find. If it’s a fruit basket, get a unique arrangement that will show that a lot of thought went into it. People also love containers they can reuse.

After deciding on the right gifts for your employees, find out the best way to deliver them. Delivery is also part of the process of corporate gifting. Hand-delivering a bottle of scotch to your best manager will leave an unforgettable impression.


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