Why Business Shirts and Other Types of Uniforms are Important

04 March 2016

One area often neglected in business is the professional look of a company’s staff members. Whether they are on the road selling products or servicing equipment a uniform look will certainly portray a professional image. It's all very well donning a pair of jeans and a smart t-shirt, but having a credible look for your business is helped enormously by a serious uniform, for several reasons.

A Clear Company Uniform Policy

Very often, companies without uniforms experience problems with staff not adhering to dress code for the simple fact that there isn't one set out. By providing a company uniform, even if it is something as simple as embroidered polo shirts with the company logo, all question is removed; employees know exactly what to wear and what constitutes acceptable clothing.


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Credibility For The Company

Everyone has at some point had a visit from a company wearing an official uniform, and equally, everyone has probably dealt with companies that do not follow the same policy. Almost without exception, anyone will testify that the former looks far more professional and 'switched on'. At 3am, in the wake of a power cut, customers are going to be far more reassured by the sight of electricians wearing official business shirts, from suppliers like Astute Promotions, instead of someone in old overalls with no company credentials.

Credibility doesn't just come from customers, though. In a business to business setting, word travels around fast. If staff are on a building site and don't have so much as a company branded high visibility vest, peers and competing firms will remember the time that they worked with an unprofessional looking outfit. Similarly, when staff turn up wearing an official, matching uniform, companies are more likely to co-operate with each other when they perceive each other to be of the same high standard.

Increased Commercial Exposure

Whether on site or on the way home from work, the fact that employees are wearing company uniform gives out a clear, repeated message about their employers. It's constant advertising day and night, and provides exposure of the company's name, logo and mission statement.

The benefits of having a company uniform should be a no brainer; however, it's constantly forgotten by many companies and is an 'open door' for the competition to step in simply by dressing their staff more professionally. So be a cut above!

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