The Importance of Proper Timing and Execution of Corporate Gift Ideas

07 March 2016

Mastering the art of corporate gifting takes time and practice. The more you give, the better you get at it. For a company that is just starting the practice of giving corporate gifts, a few things may not be very clear. Even with the simplest items, there is a technique to corporate gifting. Start by deciding on gift ideas.

Ensure you look for a professional company in Perth that will provide you with the best quality corporate gifts on the market such as Astute Promotions. Stubby holders are a good choice particularly because they are a big part of the Australian culture, other popular items include coffee mugs, water bottles and usb sticks. Thought should be given to the person, company or industry you are gifting as to what items will suit, they should be fit for the purpose intended and not end up in the bin. Once you have shortlisted your favourite corporate gift ideas, there is one other fundamental element, when to give the gift.


timing execution corporate gift ideas


Know Who’s Who

As a manager, you can’t just decide one day to start giving out gifts to clients or employees. Knowing about good timing for corporate gifting is part of mastering the technique. For one, the timing will depend on who you are gifting: is it clients or employees? That distinction will guide you accordingly. Businesses should try and give corporate gifts at least once every year. It will do a good job of reminding customers that you are still keen on maintaining your business relations.

Holiday Gifting

One popular time to give corporate gifts is during the Christmas holidays. There are various other holidays in a year, of course, so you can choose from among those as well. The secret to holiday corporate gifting is knowing not to overdo it. If you are going to send out gifts on a religious holiday like Easter or Christmas, first find out if the client you are gifting celebrates that particular holiday. You can ask around from colleagues or other associates about a client’s practices. The other aspect is that holiday gifts should be a bit generic. The last thing you want is to offend a client with religious overtones.

Appreciating Achievements

Another perfect time to give corporate gifts is after reaching an important milestone. For example, after completing a large project successfully, or celebrating an important anniversary of the company. The same rules apply to finding the right gift. The point of gifting at such a time is to show appreciation for good work and good times.


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