The Effects and Benefits of Corporate Clothing in an Urban Landscape

09 March 2016

If there’s one thing that marketing mavens know too well, it’s that corporate gifts to employees are not too common. On occasion, an employee will receive a wage raise or a commendation. But "gifts", in the conventional sense, rarely go beyond pizza in the break room. Or do they?

In a sense, a corporate uniform is a gift. It's a piece of clothing that ensures the employee doesn't have to worry about how to dress, and it ensures that they won't harm the company's image by dressing poorly if that's a concern. More pragmatically it's also great for the company, a form of passive promotion that's useful in moderation.


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Additionally, corporate clothing is (or at least compulsory uniforms are) generally not taxable in Australia. As long as a suit of clothing is identifiable as part of the brand, there are no drawbacks to the employee for taking it. This, combined with the fact that work uniforms ensure a strong brand identity, and encourage the employee to keep the uniform in tip-top shape, makes corporate clothing a solid deal in every sense.

Some companies might even decide to gift their employees with branded clothing as a fringe benefit. This is its own kind of thing: another bit of passive promotion that hopefully your employees won't resent. Free clothing is, in most minds, welcome and a subtle brand is still a brand.

Overall, there are some risks inherent in corporate clothing and work uniforms, beyond the risk of them being lost and stolen. A company that's too prolific may be seen as obnoxious, if there's tons of their employees staying in uniform well after work hours. But these risks are minimal, and considering them in your purchases, probably a bit unreasonable. Corporate clothing fits the urban landscape: it's a worthy investment for any company.

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