How Promotional Products Aid in Advertising Communication

11 March 2016

Marketing is all about communication. If a company can get that right, then half the job is done. There are many means of communicating your message when marketing products for your company. Over the years, more sophisticated options have become available thanks to advances in technology. Some traditional means have become irrelevant whilst new methods are dominating the marketing industry.

Promotional products, however, are still very effective when looking to market brands. Statistics show that the use of promotional products in Australia was up 35% between 2011 and 2014. Perth marketing companies can provide numerous promotional products to serve as marketing tools. Here are a few ways that these products can help with the communication aspect of marketing.


promotional products advertising communication


Open Communication Lines

At trade shows or exhibits, there are various ways that businesses can approach potential clients and advertise their business. However, some methods may come across as being too pushy. Promotional products are perfect for starting conversations with people who could bring in business for your company. For instance, someone viewing your company’s booth at trade shows will feel more welcome if you offer them a free t-shirt or stubby holder.

Call Attention

Before you even think about communicating a message, you must first get the attention of your target audience. This is something you can achieve with the right promotional products. When visitors see you giving out free products, they will want to know what it’s about. That will be your chance to pass your promotional message to them.

Subtle Communication

Using promotional products is subtle. There are some unwritten rules about how to approach branding through promotional products in Perth. Giving out water bottles with your logo on them is a good way of advertising without really going overboard. Most people don’t appreciate the feeling of being under too much pressure to respond to marketing tactics. With promotional items in Perth, you just gently remind potential customers that you are offering certain services.

Repeating the Message

Repeating the message is one way to communicate a point effectively. It is the reason that the same ads run on TV, radio, online and billboards for months. The point is to instill into the target market’s consciousness so that they would patronize the brand.

You can do the same thing with promotional products without people complaining about it. Take for instance ten different people who have your branded t-shirts from suppliers like Astute Promotions. Every time each one of them wears theirs, they advertise your brand everywhere they go. Repeated exposure is excellent in communication, and it will have a positive effect and impact.


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