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The Dual Effects of Corporate Uniforms

25 August 2016

You may have despised them a few years back in school, but the reality is, uniforms — and the numerous benefits that come with them — never go away even as you enter the corporate world. Take the court judge with the black robe, the do...

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The Subtle Approach: Promotion Through Brand Recognition

27 July 2016

Promotional merchandise has been a popular option for developing brand recognition during advertising campaigns for several years. Products range from coffee mugs and pens to corporate clothing. They all have the company’s logo to encourage ...

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Make Your Professional Team Stand Out: Branding Your Work Wear

13 July 2016

When it comes to work wear, form often follows function. There is an emphasis on safety and utilitarianism. After all, when it comes to industrial or medical workplaces, it is more important for your team to stay safe than to be stylish. ...

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Business Shirts: A Secret Advertising Weapon

12 July 2016

Marketing your brand should not stop at putting online ads or participating trade shows. In fact, you can have a daily advertisement of your brand through the help of your employees. Provide your employees with custom-designed business shirts and ...

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How Promotional Products Aid in Advertising Communication

11 March 2016

Marketing is all about communication. If a company can get that right, then half the job is done. There are many means of communicating your message when marketing products for your company. Over the years, more sophisticated options have become a...

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The Effects and Benefits of Corporate Clothing in an Urban Landscape

09 March 2016

If there’s one thing that marketing mavens know too well, it’s that corporate gifts to employees are not too common. On occasion, an employee will receive a wage raise or a commendation. But "gifts", in the conventional sense...

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The Importance of Proper Timing and Execution of Corporate Gift Ideas

07 March 2016

Mastering the art of corporate gifting takes time and practice. The more you give, the better you get at it. For a company that is just starting the practice of giving corporate gifts, a few things may not be very clear. Even with the simplest ite...

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Why Business Shirts and Other Types of Uniforms are Important

04 March 2016

One area often neglected in business is the professional look of a company’s staff members. Whether they are on the road selling products or servicing equipment a uniform look will certainly portray a professional image. It's all very we...

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Corporate Gift Ideas-Little Tricks to Gifting Employees for Motivation

02 March 2016

Corporate gifting is not just about forming relationships with current or prospective clients but with employees as well. Companies use corporate gifts to show appreciation to employees. Finding the right items to give to workers is a tough decisi...

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Marketing Discreetly and Affordably with Promotional Corporate Wear

29 February 2016

Companies spend a huge percentage of their revenues on marketing budgets. Advertising has always been an expensive affair, especially when a business is using electronic means like radio, TV and the internet. Some companies fall behind because the...

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